16 January 2021


I have seen this calendar floating around in a few groups I am in, both for exercising and quilting.  I am going to use it for quilting :)

I will color in each day that I color.  So far this year I have sewn every single day!  I know this will not always be the case, but so far I am happy with it! I have a lot to share!

13 January 2021

Instagram swap

 I love doing swaps on Instagram I meet such interesting people, and get to try out many quilting techniques with making

I did this swap last year, and someone else made these kitties.  And I decided I would make them this year.  I was kind of disappointed there weren't more kitties.

Here is the top I made all finished.

Here is the back of the quilt.

Here is the mini quilt that I received!

06 January 2021

Rail Fence finished

I finally finished this quilt! I started it in November 2018!  I enjoyed the process so much.  I liked the size blocks I worked with.  I used 2.5" x 4.5" bricks.

I quilted with circles/swirls. 

This was the third of quilts I was making for my friends kids.  Hopefully they will be well covered until High school graduation.


04 January 2021

Pokémon Quilt done

Here is the pokémon quilt all quilted!!!  

I used some flannel on the back.  For the binding I used the same colors from the front.  

I am so pleased with how this quilt turned out.  I wasn't sure how much I would like it, because of the random colors, but I am very happy with it!

This quilt design is by Carolyn Friedlander, it's called Ray. In essence it's a really big log cabin quilt.  She has a "coloring" page you can use to keep track of what you want it to look like, and all the measurements! Definitely check it out if you are looking for a quick & easy quilt to make!

01 January 2021

Pokémon quilt

Well I shared the pictures of a few pieces of the quilt cut out and on my design wall, here are some more pictures:

Here are a few more rounds that I had sewn and laid out on the design wall.

Another picture on the design wall, with a few more rounds and I have started sewing the quilt together.

This was the last time I could fit it on the design wall.  It was getting a little heavy to fit up there!

And here is the finished top!!!

This quilt really only took my one day of sewing.  It went together SO fast.  I think the hardest part was cutting out some of the longer strips.  I really liked this pattern and could see myself using it again!

31 December 2020

Pinks & purples

I finished it!! My pinks & purples quilt! I am so happy with how it turned out!

Here is the full top after it was quilted!

And here is the pieced back.  I did not have HAVE to buy anything for it, but I chose to buy something, only because I was at the fabric store, and they had fabric ;)  I liked doing the pieced backing, I like how it looks and using up what I already have.  I also used some left over blocks/pieces on the back also.

30 December 2020

Christmas ornaments

I got a great deal on these rounds last year off Amazon.  I hadn't had the chance to play with them until this fall.


I actually used HTV (heat transfer vinyl) also known and iron on vinyl.  I was able to use my easy press mini to put these one!  

Some definitely turned out cuter than others. 


 I am not sure if I will give them as gifts or just hang them on my tree!

29 December 2020


I have been making some more potholders for my craft fairs, so I have a good variety.


 I found these cute you rule SVGS and thought they would make a nice potholder gift set, since many people that buy them, buy them as teacher gifts.

 I found some very awesome coffee SVGs, so of course I tried a few of them.

 And then the ever popular Thanks for making me one smart cookie.

This time when I did them, I used my easy press mini, and it was SO much easier than using my iron had been!!  

If you are interested in buying a potholder, you can contact me by leaving a comment here, or checking out my facebook page (http://facebook.com/quiltedgoods)

28 December 2020

Pinks & Purples quilt top done!


Here is my pinks & purples quilt top!!  

Here is a link to the posts I have done about this quilt.  I started this quilt in Spring 2019. I made the quilt, but knew I wanted to add a border.  So I created the pieced border, EXCEPT when I went to attach it, it did not go so well.

The pink zig zags didn't match up! So I had to take it apart, then figure out how to get it to work  I did get it to work, and I am QUITE happy with it! I will get full measurements once I get it quilted.  

I am working on the backing now, it's going to be pieced.  I am going through my fabric and trying to use up what I have.

23 December 2020

Border - pinks and purples quilt

For my pinks & purples quilt I wanted to make a border.  Here is the original post about the border. It was going real well.  Until I went to put it on the quilt.  The corners looked funny.  So even though I had put two borders on, I had to take them off to do some adjustments.

I needed to add a few blocks and change the way the corner block looked. I am happy with how it turned out.  But not happy with how long it took!

Minnie was my helper while I was working on this!  Making sure I didn't mess anything up!

22 December 2020

cats on quilts

This is my sisters cat, Edna on my sisters' tee shirt quilt.

Here is Earl on the orange & white snails trail quilt.  I love how much he loves quilts.  He will lay on spots on the bed that have a quilt on them, and not others!

21 December 2020

Ray Quilt along

I found this on instagram.  It's a quilt by Carolyn friedlander, called Ray.  And she is doing a quilt a long, I am a little behind, but I will say it goes together, VERY quickly! 

I got quite a bit done last night! I am hoping by later today I will have a finished top!

I am not going to call this a Ray quilt, but I am going to call it a pokémon quilt, I picked the colors I did because they are the colors of a pokéball.

18 December 2020

Quilt fort

My sister has two kids.  One day they used some of the blankets they had (that I had gifted them) to start a fort.

But they had decided it wasn't big enough for the two of them.  So they decided to add some more to it.

Here is their fort with two of the quilts I have made the family being used! I love seeing quilts being used!

17 December 2020


Thanskgiving is spent with my friend, Christine that is in the Navy. This year was no different, except, we did not do any shopping.  We wanted to do more sewing.  Which I don't know if we got more sewing done, but we had a good time doing the sewing we did.


 These are the bow tie blocks I finished there.


 Most of my time was actually spent cutting fabric.  I took the mask left overs I have, and cut.  And cut and cut.  I cut out a variety of sizes:

Bow tie blocks (2", 1 1/4")

Spool blocks (1.5" x 3.5", 1.5")

1.5" squares

2" squares

2.5" squares

1.5" x 2.5" bricks

2" x 3.5" bricks

2.5" x 4.5" bricks

I still have a lot more to cut, but it helped make the amount a little smaller.  I do have another quilt I worked on, but I don't have pictures to share. . .yet ;)

07 September 2020

Tee shirt quilt DONE!!

 And here is my sisters Tee shirt quilt all finished!

I made most of the blocks 14", but the middle row had blocks that were about 17" tall.  Also on the left side I sewed the green and orange blocks as a mini side row, because they were slightly longer.

I kept fronts and backs together, per my sisters request.

I love working on tee shirt quilts!

04 September 2020


I showed the time lapse video of my long arm, but I also like to get a shot of the quilt on the machine (especially when it's a big quilt and I can't get a full picture on my own).

I chose to use a grey thread for the quilting and a grey fabric for the binding.

Here is Earl NOT helping me trim the quilt.

02 September 2020

Time lapse video

Here I created a time lapse video of me loading a quilt onto my long arm.  

And a time lapse of me quilting my quilt.

31 August 2020

tee shirt quilt 3

The shirts my sister gave me, there were some that had small squares on them the fronts and a few that had designs on the sleeves.  So rather than sew them together to make blocks, I used them as a row, a really skinny row.

I love how this quilt is coming together!


24 August 2020

Tee shirt quilt 2

 I finished cutting and trimming all the tee shirts and have it put up on my design wall! 

It's quite big!! It fills up almost all of my design wall (top to bottom!)


21 August 2020


 Since we have to wear masks, I have made some and decorated them :)

This is one with my school logo since I have to wear one when I am in the building.  There aren't any students in the building, but we still need them.

My husband works for Tractor Supply Company